As we’re approaching a new year, resolutions, to-do lists, wish-lists and so on are most people’s top priorities.  I usually don’t have big resolutions whilst we approach a big brand new New Year.  But this year, my biggest wish for all is HEALTH.  Some family members are having troublesome health issues  and I just want, reaally want good health for everyone I love. 

From time to time, I wonder, we, the fashion-enthusiasts are all into new stuff; a new chic bag, a classic or a trendy pair of shoes, a dress that is the perrrfect one, that we have been looking for our entire life-time.  Is that our life’s biggest problem? Is having that perfect sartorial piece our only goal, our only biggest missing piece in our in life?  I occasionally truly think into this and I must admit that sometimes it leads to some sort of feeling of guilt, perhaps shame.  Nevertheless, one cannot be blamed for loving fashion and clothes, either, right?  Everyone has their own piece of cake.  Maybe fashion is the only thing that makes a person happy.  It might be his/her source of joy. 

Putting sartorial contentment aside, my biggest new year’s resolution is, happiness for my loved ones, a very good health for them and myself of course, and less obsession on clothes and other fashion-wise items ;)

May you all be happy and healthy in the upcoming year and so forth. 

Thanks for reading!

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