Hi Lovelies!

It's time again to vote for your favorite new historical shoe style, to help me determine which to open for pre-ordering next. The winner of this vote will be released in January/February.

Please select the shoe style you are most likely to order in January/February. Please take the estimated prices into consideration. If you do not like any of these, or don't intend to participate in the pre-order, please refrain from voting. I'm trying to get an accurate gauge of pre-order participation, so that we do not have to cancel another style.

*Please Note: Not all of the shoes I previewed in the last post are ready to be released. The styles in this poll are what is ready right now. We have a whole year of goodies planned out, but we can't do them all at once (though believe me, I would love to) so please bear with us and vote only if you intend to purchase this shoe should it win the vote and be released next.

Here are the candidates:
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*All of these styles will be available in sizes 6 - 11, including half sizes, B width (sorry, no wide widths available), and in the colorways shown only.