So is everyone ready for the super-commercial Valentine's Day?

Yup, I'm one of those who think this "special" day is just to boost shopping sprees all over the world! Sorry, folks. You can still go on have your special day with your special one :) No problem for me. Isn't it weird that all these commercials and ads are focusing on buying stuff to women? Why aren't we even focusing on poor guys, don't they deserve presents if it's a special day for the couples?! :) 

Anyhow, you can still have a little celebration moment with your loved one, to celebrate love in general and not the "special day" itself per se. Perhaps getting some sweet little treats each other? :) 

Perhaps some delicious chocolate pudding?? :)

However, whatever the occasion may be, love your partner, love your family, love your friends and pets, love the world you're living in please.  

After all, love makes the difference.  

photos: pinterest