Sitting in the living room -to be more precise- at the dining table, trying to figure out what should be my long-expected, or to be more realistic, what my overdue post should be of.  I will not go on and on about how busy I was or how hectic everything ones.  Because it will be a huge lie :) I was simply being lazy on the blogging-side.  Nevertheless, believe me, I was solely observing.  I still am. 

I cannot believe how tasteless some bloggers can be, unfortunately some of my favorite ones as well.  Sometimes I seriously think, that some trends are just to be followed just for the hell of it.  Come on, almost every individual on this earth have a style; you either like them or not and every person is precious on their own way. Meaning, that everyone has a taste and style that they enjoy to pursue. And pretty much usually you cannot sheer off from your own style to very extreme levels.  

What I am trying to point out is, when a someone with a chic, simple style or with a classical style does simply tasteless choices such as wearing ankle socks with stilettos 'n pumps, under skinny jeans, I just stand on end! 

I'm simply hoping that fashion with nonsense will fade away soon. 

Now that I've poured out all my hatred *wink* I would like to share with you guys some of my Sunday evening inspirations freshly picked out from JAK & JIL.