I've been a bag blogger, I know! It's just that, well you know how it goes - brain fried with all kinds of in-progress projects, future projects, crazy stuff happening.

My "big" project this year is Mr. C's Regency duds, for Maggie and Albert's Regency wedding, in October. I'll be making him a shirt, breeches, waistcoat, and tail coat.  Some of those items frighten me considerably more than others, but I'm armed with my new book The Victorian Tailor: An Introduction to Period Tailoring, patterns from Kanniks Corner for the waistcoat and shirt, the surprisingly period Simplicity breeches pattern, and the tailcoat pattern from Country Wives.

I arrived at these pattern choices after much researching, hunting for reviews, looking at anything I could find on men's Regency clothing.  Compared to women's attire, there isn't much to go on!  However, here are some inspiration images I did find...

Costume Parisien 1803
Dames a la Mode - via
Henry Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, by Thomas Heaphy, 1802
via Stiching Reverence

Mr. C has requested (or demanded?) a navy blue tail coat with gold buttons, an ivory taffeta waistcoat, and tan breeches, though I don't know yet what to make them out of.  He also wants a top hat and tan-cuff boots (ha!).  It will be my job to fit the dickens out of the patterns, tailor the snot out of the tail coat, and make it all look perfect on him.  No pressure!