Howdy! I've been battling to get my sewing mojo back recently, and thought I would test out a quick n' easy Regency pattern I've had in my stash for some time - Simplicity 4055 .  I've made this dress before, once upon a time, and had cut down the neckline of the long-sleeved version significantly.  Other anticipated alterations include raising the empire waistline up to the super-high-underbust created by the half stays (which I will share with you shortly, as soon as I get that last bit of binding on the armhole...)
The fabric is a cheap "art silk" sari - the "art" is short for artificial, go figure.  It was a whopping $17 from eBay, and I thought it would be worth a try for that price.  When it arrived, my gosh it was orange.  Like...ORANGE!  I was hoping more for a bold yellow.  I tried bleaching a piece of the sari, but no dice, and I just can't come to love the ORANGE!  Fair enough, for $17, and the perfect opportunity to test out the pattern.

So here she is in progress.  The Simplicity pattern has a front and back to the skirt, no side gores, and I am not particularly fond of how the skirt falls  The stiffness of the woven gold design isn't lending itself to a nicely draped skirt either.

Don't be fooled by that nice yellow color - it's ORANGE!
The bodice is alright so far, so I may go with the bodice, or similar, and draft my own skirt from one of the many diagrams available in books and online, like this one:

Who knows, maybe by the end of this mini-project, I will have learned to love the ORANGE!