I have always been a complete bargain hunter, even before I discovered the incredible Ebay. For as long as I remember I would always find cheaper alternatives to being fashionable - because that way I can buy more! However since becoming an Ebay addict, I have somewhat become a pro at finding great trendy buys at unbeatable prices. The trick is to look around and not bid on or buy the first item you see. Know what you want and the best ways to search for it - i.e. using the advanced search tool or key words. 
I thought I would have a browse to find some bargain-priced fashionable shoes, and in the process I have managed to put a collage together of my favourites to share with my readers. (Please click on the descriptions to be linked to the page and please note that the prices do not include postage and packaging) Enjoy!

1. Studded Buckle Shoes : £24.99
2. Flatform Sandals : £15
3. Red Plastic Wedge Sandals : £28.99
4. Blue Stilettos : £14.99
5. Orange Suede Peeptoe Platform Boots : £16.70
6. Black Suede Platform Boots : £21.75
7.Clear Heeled Black Sandals : £12.99
8. Black Gladiator Heels : £18.99
9. Pointed Contrast Stilleto Sandals : £24.99
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