Hi Ladies! Today I need your votes to help decide some things about the future line of vintage-style seamed stockings I'm working for the shop.

Before you vote, here are some definitions:

These stockings are knitted to fit the leg size, as opposed to using just stretchiness to fit.  The seams are functional, and the heels feature an attractive reinforcement, such as a "point" or "cuban" style.  Fully-Fashioned stockings are the top-of-the-line in vintage legwear, and while gorgeous, are the most expensive option.
Examples of heels styles in Fully Fashioned Stockings

Reinforced Heel & Toe
These stockings have a mock back seam, no decorative heel style, but a reinforced heel & toe.  They fit the leg by stretch.  They are also well-made, but are about half to price of the Fully-Fashioned.  They are also more readily available.
Example of Reinforced Heel & Toe with back seam
American Duchess seamed stockings will be closely based on 1920s and 1930s examples, and offered in several sizes.  Colors will be true to the times, with tone-on-tone seams, welts, and reinforcements, not black, red, or anything risque.  Straight-up vintage.

So, if you will, your opinions please...