Lately I've been having some stomach problems due do not taking care of my self properly as an avid food lover.  I have gastritis and I really should be very careful with what I eat, however, I love chocolate in the winter and I've started eating lots of them.  That is not quite wise since it really causes irritation in the stomach. Well, my stomach, probably not yours. I can't drink alcohol with contentment, because I know those content moments will be followed by stomach pain in a few hours. This list can quite get long, hence I will keep it as it is and move on to my trip to Central Europe. My husband and I visited Vienna, Prague, Karlovy Vary, Dresden, Bratislava and Budapest a couple of weeks ago. Vienna is the #1 place to visit to have some seriously good tarts and cakes, not to mention its history filled with music and art. This beautiful city is woven with music; you can get that rich classical music feel allover Vienna where ever you pass by. Lots of theater buildings, concert halls, galleries, palaces... Simply stunning. 

I am wearing a Mango sweater, Zara leather/wool combined biker jacket, Zara Mini Office City Bag, Mango jeans and Anne Klein boots. 

On our first evening, we went into this little cafe with oh-so-delicious desserts; too bad I don't remember the name of the place. But I do remember the lemon meringue cake and the cherry pie we had! Do they have to taste so good?! The decor of the cafe was so sweet and delicate...

Just have a look at this beautifully tailored outfit. 

Stay tuned for next ;)I'll be back with more, this time on Prague. 

photos: taken by me