...because there's never enough yellow in my life!

I have to admit that Regency isn't my period, so when it came time to look for inspiration for something to wear to Maggie and Albert's Regency wedding, I was a bit at a loss.

I noticed a plethora of yellow in my Regency fashion Pinterest folder, and I've decided to go in that direction.    Here are some ideas...
Portrait of Amalie Auguste, Princess of Bavaria and Queen of Saxon, 1823
Musee McCord Museum, c. 1810
Meg Andrews Auctions, c. 1810
KCI c. 1800 - via

Evening dress, 1810, Centraal Museum
My vague plan is to attempt to use an Indian sari for a fairly demure cut of gown.  I know lots of amazing costumers have used saris, and I want to join that club! I've ordered one from eBay

It's "art silk," so...not real silk...but for the shockingly low price, I thought it good thing to "see about," to experiment with, before coming to a final decision whether it will work or if I like it.  I admit to using some faux silks that were absolutely divine (but more that weren't).

Now it will be hard to not jump right into making it when the sari arrives! Perhaps I should make my dress (quick and easy, right? ha, famous last words) before tacking Mr. C's stuff...? eh? hehe, sounds like a plan!