Every once in awhile, a "simple" project comes along and kicks my butt.  Usually it's after I've just successfully completed something really complicated and I'm feeling good about my sewing skills.  Does this happen to you?

My simple 1912 shirt waist has turned into a project from hell, but I think, after last night's shenanigans, I've got it working.

Last post, I had given up on my failed self-drafted pattern and altered a modern Simplicity blouse pattern to make the bodice, which solved the sleeve and armscye issue, but presented some other problems.  The waist was still too long, and there wasn't enough volume in the front, overall.

I removed the bust darts completely, and shortened the waist up to more of an empire line.  Worn over my 1912 corset, with some help in the chest-stuffing department, it's looking pretty alright now.

The next problem is the drape of the skirt.  I didn't do a gored skirt like I should have done, but tried to make the skirt in just a front and back piece, shaped with darts.  Well, it didn't work, and closed all the way down the front, the skirt hangs very oddly indeed.  I was about ready to throw in the towel, when I found this pattern image from Ageless Pattern:

Ageless Patterns #1358

Hooray!  Now, I know that this pattern was, of course, designed to be this way, and my dress is taking this route because I suck, but at least I wont' have to scrap the entire thing and start over.  I even quite like how a white panel at the hem will tie in nicely with the other white accents on the bodice.

A quick scribble of how it will look
So that's where it stands at the moment.  I hope it's not *such* a battle to finish it up in the next couple days!