I can't help but love aviation fashion.  I was a complete sucker for "Pan Am," and before that, "View from the Top," and just about any photograph of a sharply dressed stewardess gets me all tingly in the costuming department. How about you?

I just learned about a charity fashion show put on by British Airways Heritage - I wish I could have gone!  Though less flamboyant than some of the mid-century American uniforms, there is such a chicness to BA's uniforms through the decades.  Get a load of these beauties...

BOAC stewardess uniform 1946-early 1950s (Via)
BOAC stewardess early 1950s
BOAC stewardess early 1950s
BEA stewardess 1960 -1967 (Uniform designer: John Cavanagh)
BEA female uniforms, 1972-1974 (Designer: Hardie Amies)
British Airways female uniform 1977-1985 (Designer: Baccarat Wetherall)
The "Fashion Through the Age of Aviation" event showcased historic uniforms and also raised money for BA's program "Flying Start," in support of Comic Relief.  Historic Fashion AND a good cause? Yes please!

If you're interested in learning more about it (and maybe be inspired to throw a similar event), check out the BA historic uniform gallery, read about Flying Start, and see some photos from the fashion show itself.