...and by "Shoe Goo" I just mean cool stuff like leather paints, creams, and polishes.  Good stuff.

I've finally been able to get some Angelus products in the shoe shop, particularly for painting all the dyeable leather shoes we sell.  Angelus Leather Paints are my favorite, so easy to use, and give great results.  I painted each of these shoes with Angelus Leather Paints...
Pemberley painted and decorated with Angelus Leather Paints, petersham binding, and ribbons.
Devonshire painted with Angelus Leather Paints, with applied rhinestone, and bound in bias.
Devonshire painted with Angelus Leather Paints, bound in bias.
We've also got Angelus shoe polish and shoe cream to match each of the colors of footwear we sell, including the red for Kensingtons.  Polishing has an *amazing* restorative effect on leather shoes.  For an example, I used Angelus shoe cream and shoe polish on this decrepit pair of antique Edwardian button boots...

What they looked like when they arrived, and what they looked like after applying the shoe cream and polish.  Unbelievable transformation!
So now you can get these handy items in the Accessories section at American-Duchess.com.  We've got:

I'm really looking forward to painting a pair of white 23Skidoo spectators in black and gold (or silver!), and decorating the heels while rhinestones, inspired by some of the amazing gilded leather shoes in the Shoe Icons Museum

Oh, the possibilities!!!