I've been working on a 1920s slip to go under a semi-sheer beaded gown I purchased a short time ago.  Easy, right?

Well, I'm on version two tonight, haha!  I have made one 1920s slip before, but despite doing an alright job on it, I made stupid mistakes this time around, hence the second go.

Firstly, though, here are a bevvy of undies, from The Met:

The Met: Underwear, 1920s
The Met: Chemise, 1920s
The Met: Underwear, 1920
The Met: Underwear, 1920s
The Met: Slip, 1920s
Some of these are more ornate than others, and you will also notice that a couple of them are short - these were worn over little, lacy, matching knickers (how cute!).

All of these slips and camisoles share characteristics, though: simple, straight necklines, and absolutely zero shaping.

Slips of this period fall from the high bust, and flare ever so slightly over the hips, but not in a shapely way.  Width around the hips was achieved either by gored panels, gathers or pleats at the side seams, or godets at the side seams.  This little pattern shows the pleated/gathered side version:

Making a slip for the '20s is deceptively difficult.  They tend to be quite unflattering, and weird to fit.  It is *essential* that you choose a thin, soft, opaque fabric like silk charmeuse, lest your slip stand out from your body like a potato sack.

I will share with you my efforts tomorrow - both the failure and the revised, successful slip.